Volker Tanger - Projects

Vielleicht erwartet der ein oder andere hier eine Liste von Referenzkunden oder -projekten. Durch die vertrauliche bzw. sicherheits-sensitive Natur meiner Arbeit bedingt, bin ich in den allermeisten Fällen dazu verpflichtet, über Kundennamen und Arbeit Stillschweigen zu bewahren.

Also lasse ich lieber meine Arbeit für mich sprechen: Beiträge in fachspezifischen Mailinglisten, eigene Software oder Unterstützung für und Mitarbeit bei Software-Projekten wie:

Maybe you expected a list of reference customers or reference projects. Due to the sensitive and security-critical nature of my work I am obliged in the very most cases to keep secrecy about customers' names and projects.

So I would like to let my work speak for me: postings to experts' mailing lists, my software oder support for and work in non-WYAE software projects as:



History - Past Projects

Evolution @ Home (Evolutionary Research)
A distributed computing project in evolutionary research where I'm doing consultant work for firewall and server configuration and administration as well as performance optimization and programming of the unix client.

Minimalist - Mailing List Manager
It shares features with its bigger brothers, but in contrast to them it is very small, fast, simple for setup and maintenance.
Bleeding Edge maintenance, internationalization and List2Web Web archive tool.

clamfilter (Ensita.net)
An anti-virus content filter for Postfix and ClamAV written in C Lost its edge over ClamSMTP when ClamScan no longer was an option due to inacceptable startup times.

Thinstation and LTSP - Linux Terminal Server Project
Turning old PCs into quiet, high-performance X11 Terminals. I'm concentrating on strategies and software for large-scale implementations, high-availability and failover.

Greyboxing: Reverse Engineering of Commercial Firewalls
I prepared an according specialist training/workshop here in Berlin at the Heinlein Academy.