Software / Tools


Open Software by WYAE usually did not start as big project but clever collections of tiny, sometimes even simple tools that measurably ease the expert's work.

Sometimes the small tools simply stay just that - but sometimes they grow into fully fledged software suites, like e.g. FW1Rules or its successor, the FWdoc firewall documentation system.

Please refer to a separate page for support and licenses.


Current Tools and Programs

convert-threema (2021)
Convert-Threema converts threema chat exports into a simple HTML page, placing media where they appeared in the conversation.

InStoDE v1.1
Interactive Story Development - mit diesem Programm kann man einfach Klick-Soloabenteuer f├╝r Browser erstellen - einschlie├člich Debugging-Hilfen und Klickmaps

JOURNALOGS automates log evaluation for systemd's new journald logging.

localsendmail is intended to allow delivery of local mails (e.g. system messages, cron results, etc.) to a single local "account" especially on personal workstations and laptops, where a full-scale maile like postfix is overkill and smarthost-forwarders like ssmtp don't work as network is not always available/online.

MoSheL v2.0.0
MoSheL (MOnitoring with SHEll Locally) is a simple, lightweight (both in size and system requirements) server monitoring package designed for secure and in-depth monitoring of a local system while still allowing centralized overview for typical/critical internet systems.

MoSShE 20.9.26 - final version, retired
MoSShE (MOnitoring in Simple SHell Environment) is a simple, lightweight (both in size and system requirements) server monitoring package designed for secure and in-depth monitoring of a handful of typical/critical internet systems. This software has been retired as of 10/2020 and replaced by MoSheL

Theoretically you'd need an "endlessly" long password to be protected against brute force guessing attacks. Practically this is very hard for the average human. Additionally you should use a different password for each and every system and login you are using. That noone can memorize any more.
And here the Passwordifier helps...

Thekla v12.8.29
Thekla is a web spider/crawler designed to aid web application security tests. It extracts paramter-containing URLs and forms. The result are text and CSV files, listing the URLs of dynamic web pages and their referers.

Timestamper 1.0
Timestamper - ein Timer zum Festhalten von Inhalten und Timeline von Live-Sendungen in JavaScript.

VENEv (12.9.18) for Nessus 4.2 and newer
VENEv (Volker's & Enno's Nessus Evaluation) will extract a re-sortable overview as CSV table from a Nessus .NESSUS file (starting with Nessus version 4.2), speeding up security assessments.

Programs no longer actively developed

Software in this section no longer is actively developed by me. Sometimes necessity is no longer given (e.g. ReadConfig), sometimes I just moved on and have no more need to use the software myself.

Firewall Tools
Among these abandoned / outdated / superseded tools are the documentation classics like FW1Rules, ReadConfig, ASLrules, or converters like Raptor2Ckp, FW2tux, PFconf.
Most have been superseded by the FWdoc toolset.

Other Stuff
Various tools, webstuff I no longer maintain. Just peek in if you are interested.



No program is (officially) supported by the associated products' companies as Eagle/Axent/Symantec or Checkpoint or Sun or Astaro - or representatives.


License & Support

For details on licensing and support please see there and in the README files contained within the software archives.