The Nessus security scanner by http://www.tenablesecurity.com/ is a valuable tool for security consultants performing network audits. Unfortunately it does lack a quick overview over the vulnerabilities (supposedly) found.

This tool will extract such a re-sortable overview as CSV table from a Nessus export.



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Each finding will be documented twice in the CSV table.

First you will find each single finding for each single IP with a count number of -9999 (versions 9.x and older: 0 = zero). After all single findings are listed, all findings are listed again summed up per finding.

Thus you get a table similar to this (abridged) one:


The "-9999" rows are ideal for GREPping out single hosts or findings, while the summary lines are ideal for a fast overview, for example:

  1. Import the CSV into your spreadsheet
  2. Sort by CVSS (this is the severity value set by Nessus)
  3. Set filter: only show rows with count > 0
  4. Done.

Nessus results (and thus the ones of this tool) are a to be taken with a serious grain of salt. Don't trust them blindly but verify. Nessus is "only" a tool, a useful one, but not always a reliable one. Use Nessus (like NMAP or other scanners) for the brainless grunt work and start working.


If you need a security consultant to check your network, systems or architecture, or to help you with a security problem/incident or (a better approach) check your security architecture and risks, simply contact me.



For details on licensing and support please see there.

This software is published under a 3-clause BSD License", an open source license.