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zzz - Retired Software

Open Software by WYAE usually did not start as big project but clever collections of tiny, sometimes even simple tools that measurably ease the expert's work.

Software in this section no longer is actively developed by me. Sometimes necessity is no longer given (e.g. ReadConfig), sometimes I just moved on and have no more need to use the software myself. If someone wants to take over and continue development, I'll be happy to hand over maintainership.

These Programs are no longer actively maintained

If you are interested in any of the following, retired software, please just write a mail.

AOLexport (2003)

  • This script can kind of extract data from a (disrupted) AOL organizer.

aslcheck V3.2.1 (2002)

  • This script monitors the health status of a remote Astaro firewall system (Astaro Security Linux = ASL // for Versions 3.x) via SSH from the local NetSaint server - as active check results.

FormMail Counter (2002)

  • As I kept on getting requests for old/vulnerable FormMail CGI scripts (see http://www.spin.it/spam/formmail.php3 for explanation) I built the listed counter.

KlinZha Boards v.1.1.4 (2000)

  • KlinZha-Boards is a perl script that converts short-notations of KlinZha game moves into a more readable (ASCII-) graphic notation and calculates the (total) time the players needed for their moves (comes in handy in remote KlinZha). The script takes input from STDIN and pours the output to STDOUT, thus can be used as filter.

LEXI v.1.2.2 (2004)

  • LEXI is a multiuser, auto-linking online lexicon - similar to WikiWiki's, but without their need for special WikiWords or [[Word Markup]]. New words or sentences are automatically linked everywhere they appear.

List2Web v.0.1.2 (2003)

  • List2Web publishes mails archived by the MINIMALIST maillist manager as webpages. Not as featureful as e.g. MHonarch or Hypermail it is much faster and prove to be more reliable while featuring template-processing.

l.p.a.a. RC5 (2014)

  • A messaging system designed to be resilient against content and communication network analysis, network failure or blockade.

MoSShE 20.9.26 (2003-2020)

  • MoSShE (MOnitoring in Simple SHell Environment) is a simple, lightweight (both in size and system requirements) server monitoring package designed for secure and in-depth monitoring of a handful of typical/critical internet systems. This software has been retired as of 10/2020 and replaced by MoSheL

PAWS - Wardialing System 2.0 (2003-2006)

  • PAWS is an ISDN/analog wardialing software in python. It is designed to scan ISDN connections and for "modern" analog modems (running at 9.6kbit/s or higher).

redetimer v15.11.20 (2015)

  • In parliamentary discussions you often have time contingents for speeches of teh different factions. So here a simple JavaScript-based tool to track those.

Reportel v11.07.30 (2011)

  • ReporTel - create podcasts by simply calling your AVM Fritz!Box from your (cell)phone.

Router-Finder (2000-2008)

  • The RouterFinder script scans a network for hosts and checks, whether they act as routers. It can be used to identify rogue access points and DSL routers in your company's LAN.

sunbackup (2000)

  • This backup and restore suite was designed for small Sun servers (running Solaris 2.6 - 8.x) with only low data change rate (e.g. firewalls) and is including a fast "bare iron" recovery.

TRAFAN - Traffic Analysis V 0.2 (2003)

  • TrafAn is designed to give a rough overview over network protocol usage - which subnet is using which protocols.

TTrax-Eval (2002)

  • Perl script to convert output from the Palm-Tool TiTrax into a more usable format.