WYAE - Licenses & Support



Software available on this webpage usually is published under an open source license - smaller work under a X11 / MIT (or: Modified BSD) style license, bigger projects usually under "Gnu Public License". For details see the individual software documentation.  

Software Support / Consulting

Need professional support? Me and my colleagues are available as IT-Security consultant for hire. Just contact me...

For Free: this is open source - so you can solve the problem yourself and submit a patch or documentation thus enhancing the product/documentation. There were mailing lists available for users/developers, sorted by (major) projects.  

Please support me!

Feedack and participation
... are the fuel that keeps development under steam. E-Mails with bug reports, feature requests and (if possible) patches help me keeping the projects on track.

Material (Brainware, Hardware, Ressources)
Well, this list used to be longer and more diverse. But then my projects proceed faster than I used to update this list. And I am actively trying to reduce clutter and energy-hogging devices. So if you are not sure whether and what to send me please jusr ask.