WYAE - Licenses & Support



Software available on this webpage usually is published under an open source license - smaller work under a X11 / MIT (or: Modified BSD) style license, bigger projects usually under "Gnu Public License". For details see the individual software documentation.  

Software Support / Consulting

Need professional support? Me and my colleagues are available as IT-Security consultant for hire. Just contact me...

For Free: this is open source - so you can solve the problem yourself and submit a patch or documentation thus enhancing the product/documentation. There were mailing lists available for users/developers, sorted by (major) projects.  

Please support me!

Feedack and participation
... are the fuel that keeps development under steam. E-Mails with bug reports, feature requests and (if possible) patches help me keeping the projects on track.

Material (Brainware)
For simplicity's sake here my Amazon Wishlist - a wild mix of business books and entertainment stuff. These books are on my own "to buy" list - unless a friendly soul is faster than me...   ;-)

Material (Hardware)
I'd need some material for testing and work for the various projects. Currently that would be:
  • some OpenWRT-capable WLAN/WiFi routers (preferrably outdoor version) for mesh-networking experiments
  • some colocation in Berlin (1-2 HE, 100 Mbit/s, moderate traffic)
  • fibre to my home for non-ridiculous fees (KabelDeutschand and VDSL currently just can't deliver in eastern Berlin)
So if you've got something like that (or parts) to spare - wow...   ;-)