Ensita Clamfilter


About the Ensita Clamfilter

2004/2005 Egor Egorov wrote a simple, small and fast anti virus plugin for Postfix and ClamAV. As unfortunately his webpage does not seem to be working anymore I copied his work here.  


This is a small, efficient clamav content filter for Postfix. What is does is just a content filtering of messages passing via Postfix MTA thru clamav.

Clamfilter was designed to be the only content filter in Postfix installation, and this is why this software appeared. All other content filters for Postfix are designed to be flexible; clamfilter is not. It is just designed to perform a single task - filtering thru clamav.

clamfilter requires clamd running. Well, honestly, it's not a requirement, as current version simply runs an external binary. This can be "clamdscan" as it is default or you can compile it with "clamscan" as a binary to run.

In case that clamd is not running and clamfilter executes the clamdscan binary, the message is passed thru as if it is not infected at all.

When a virus is found, a small notification is sent to the receipent of the virus. You can modify one directly in the source code. If you need to disable it - go into source and disable the deliver_warning function. :)

And, of course, whatever you need to change like location of sendmail and clamdscan binaries - are highly ;) configurable in the source code.


Original program maintainer: Egor Egorov .
Code touched by Andrey Khavruchenko , Oleg Marchuk .



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Clamfilter 0.5