IT-Security Product History


Sometimes products just seem to be somehow strangely familiar. Maybe it is because you worked with its predecessor under a different name or brand. Or it is based upon some well known software.

Thus here a list of products and its predecessors. Please feel free to correct and contribute.

Juniper Firewalls packet filter/firewall appliances
bought in 2005
Netscreen Firewalls

RSA SecurID, twofactor authentication token
bought in ~1997
Security Dynamics SecurID cards

McAfee Firewall Enterprise proxy-based firewall
bought in 2008
Secure Computing "Sidewinder G2"
based on Apache-Proxy and
Gauntlet Firewall
based on
TIS Firewall Toolkit

Symantec Enterprise Firewall, proxy-based firewall software
bought in 2000
Axent Raptor Firewall
bought in ~1997
Eagle Raptor Firewall